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Author: Michael Böhme (@theochemiker)

Statistical analysis of the daily diagnosis keys of the official German COVID-19 tracing app (Corona-Warn-App). The daily dumps of the diagnosis keys are being analyzed with the diagnosis-keys-toolset by mh-. These data can only be estimated, due to the decentralized architecture of the tracing app. Hence, all information are without any guarantee. All diagrams in this repository are licensed under CC BY-NC-SA. See for more information about the COVID-19 tracing app for Germany. An alternative dashboard by janpf can be found at

Note: Since February 2021, exact statistical data are being published within the CWA, which are used by this page and make the estimation of data redundant.

Usage of the Corona-Warn-App (RKI)

Positively tested people sharing their diagnosis keys

Correlation with German COVID-19 data of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI)

Old figures (will not be updated anymore)

Correlation with German COVID-19 data of the Johns Hopkins University (JHU)

Shared legitimate diagnosis keys of positively tested people

Distributed diagnosis keys

Distribution of the transmission risk level (TRL) in the diagnosis keys

TeleTANs (outdated)